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Thehlal is one of the star gods, the Kohr Ah. Although she is not the most potent of the Numina, or even of the Kohr Ah, she is unassailable in her domain: Schurn, the Underworld.

Schurn is not the world of the afterlife itself, but the vast dark land between the land of the living and the Bridge of Impartial Judgment. All who pass on from the world of the living must find their way through the Underworld to the Bridge to receive their final reward. Not everyone wants their just desserts, of course, and the Underworld is filled with those who are unwilling to present themselves for judgment.

Thehlal is, like the rest of the star gods, remote and somewhat sinister. However, she is not evil. It is simply her task to reclaim from mortals that spark of the Kohr Ah's power with which all mortals are born. This was part of the agreement between the Adrasta and the Kohr Ah at the dawn of the Third World, and it is a responsibility that Thehlal takes most seriously.

Thehlal is also a goddess of secrets, and her library is said to hold knowledge taken from all who pass through the Underworld, but she is loathe to share this lore with anyone, even the other Numina.

The goddess of the Underworld is typically depicted as a statuesque, dark-skinned woman wearing a helm with massive stag-like antlers. She is often shown accompanied by wolves, her sacred animal.

Sacred animals: wolf

Associated colors: black, red