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Zhurok the Inevitable is one of the earth gods, although he also has strong ties to the Adrasta, the war gods. Zhurok has domain over the moon and the tides. He is also associated with the inexorable process of fate, and with the concept of justice as the unavoidable consequence of one's actions.

Once or twice a year, the morning after a lunar eclipse, is the holy day known as the Judgment of Zhurok. This is the day that those who have committed capital offenses since the previous Judgment of Zhurok are executed. Unlike most holy days, the Judgment of Zhurok is not greeted with fanfare and feasts: it is a grim occasion, and a reminder that no one escapes their fate or the consequences of their actions. During the Judgment of Zhurok, it is common for sworn enemies to make peace with each other, for those who have been wronged to forgive those who have wronged them, and for those who have injured another to make restitution.

Once or twice a decade, the nether sun obscures the moon in an event known as the Dark Moon. Mothers drag their children from the streets and fathers bar their doors. Citizens light every lamp and stoke the fire, every adult armed with whatever weapon comes to hand, and they wait until the dawn brings an end to the madness of a night without consequences.

Zhurok is typically portrayed as a tall, gaunt man whose left side is completely white and whose right side is completely black.

Sacred animals: egret

Associated colors: black, white