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One of the most popular Numina is Anasara, the Great Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth, the Source of the Cosmic Ocean. She purifies the male seed, the mother's womb, and the mother's milk.

Anasara frequently worshipped through temple prostitution. All priests and priestesses of Anasara must serve a season as "vessels of Anasara" (i.e., temple prostitutes), but this is a very serious responsibility in which the priest or priestess serves as a surrogate for the goddess herself. Joining with a vessel of Anasara greatly increases a worshipper's chance to have children in the coming year. Vessels of Anasara who are caught having sex outside the temple before marriage (it has been known to happen) are condemned and cast out of the temple. They are usually cursed with with infertility and impotence, as well.

Anasara is depicted in a variety of ways because of the many roles she serves. The most commonly used image is that of a full-figured human woman wearing a crown of holly leaves. Popular but less commonly used images of Anasara include a bare-chested mermaid, an ornately twining grapevine, and a pregnant goat.