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Archaea and western Khitai

Archaea is a rugged, mountainous land in the northwest of NUM. It is bordered by frozen Ylaria to the north, the Winter Sea to the west, the Sea of Mri to the south, the Broken Lands to the east (beyond which is the land of Khitai), and Khulthea to the northeast.

The most advanced region in Archaea is Thrace, which is dominated by the Seven Cities. Of these, the ancient imperial capital of Gervasa is the "first among equals". The rest of the Seven Cities are Lycaea, Ancorra, Anthmar, Rennis, and Salusa.

North of Thrace is Rugeland, an arid, rocky area typically consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs such as sage, juniper and myrtle. The Rugen are pastoral, practicing basic agriculture, but relying on herds of animals for the bulk of their livelihood. Most of the Rugen are settled in small villages, but some members of the village move with the livestock herds from grazing land to grazing land as the seasons pass.

Immediately west of Thrace is Goethe, a land of wilderness and rocky hills. Goethe has no cities, but there are numerous small settlements, primarily along the coast. The Gothic clans farm in the spring and autumn, and go on long sea voyages in the winter, either fishing the deep seas, or raiding far-off coastal settlements.

North of the Gothic wilderness is the land of Vharsa. The three largest settlements of Vharsa are An Baeg, An Dhur, and An Urgik. Unlike the Thracians, the Varese cities do not see themselves as members of a larger society, and relations between them are strained, at best.

Between the chill pine forests of Vharsa and frozen wastes of Ylaria is Kuraghol, home to the the Kurags, a vicious, barbaric people.