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First appearance: Beast Men of NUM (1932).

The Cinnabar Sultanate sits on the coast of Sea of Mri, south of the Broken Lands.


The people of Cinnabar, like most Khitaj, have skin that ranges from tan to dark brown, and have stereotypically Arabian features (large eyes, large nose, full lips). Their eyes are brown, and their hair is typically wavy and dark brown or black.


Cinnabar, like most of Khitai, is populated by townsfolk and by nomadic desert warriors, the Kohl Badeen. The Sultanate is fortunate to have fertile soil and a coast with many natural harbors, making the Cinnabari better fed and less likely to go to war than most of their neighbors. Medina, the capital of the Sultanate, is the center of trade in Khitai, and is the crossroads through which most of the trade goods pass; many Cinnabari dream of becoming "merchant princes", and of some day moving to a qasabah (a fortified manor) overlooking the sea.


Dralls are the cornerstone of the Cinnibari society. Dralls are slaves of the Sultan that have been trained as soldiers and civil servants since early childhood. Dralls are not solely warriors, but engineers, miners, and tacticians, as well. Dralls are all "owned" by the Sultan, but they may work for nearly anyone (one who hires a Drall pays the Sultan for the privilege).


Cinnabar is ruled by a Sultan, a hereditary position. Beneath the Sultan are seven Emirs (also a hereditary title), one for each region of Cinnabar. The Emirs grant titles and control of various land to their followers, but the Sultan must approve all grants. In this way is the balance of power between the Emirs and the Sultan maintained.

The Sultan, in turn, answers to the Satrap, the representative of the Ilwraithe Imperium in Cinnibar. Cinnabar was conquered by the Ilwraithe some score years ago, along with the rest of Khitai. Fortunately for the Cinnabari, the Ilwraithe were content to leave behind only a few representatives of their empire, and the bulk of their vast army returned home to the east. The Satrap, as the Ilwraithe regional governor is called, seldom meddles in the affairs of the Sultanate as long as the Sultan's reign seems secure, content to lounge in the Sultan's palace and count the tribute sent through him back to Kangxi, Seventh Golden Emperor of the Dynasty of Tsang, ruler of the Ilwraithe Imperium.


Cinnabari have a reputation for being vengeful and quick to anger, but they are generally less volatile than most Khitaj.