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The Colosseum was the largest stadium ever built, in its day. It was built to honor the greatness of the Emperor who once ruled the Old Empire from his throne in Gervasa. Now it is a tumbledown ruin, its marble columns and tiled floors carted away generations ago to build roads and hearths and temples to a thousand gods. Today, the Colosseum is a home for ne'er-do-wells and beggars, and sometimes darker things that skulk out of the extensive catacombs that once housed legions of gladiators and armies of fighting beasts. It is best not to be caught near the Colosseum when the sun meets the sea.

The Colosseum is named for the Colossus, a fifty foot tall bronze statue which used to stand outside the entrance. The pedestal on which it stood is still there. It has an inscription which reads, in High Archaean (a.k.a. Thane), "While the Colossus stands, so shall Ghervasa. When Ghervasa falls, so shall the world."