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Gulguthra are large, omnivorous scavengers. Gulguthra are usually found underground, in places like sewers.


A gulguthra has a large (eight feet in diameter), bloated body covered with a rock-like skin that is brownish gray in color, which is in turn covered with dung. An adult gulguthra usually weighs around 500 pounds. Its three thick legs give the creature slow ground movement, but enable it to pivot quickly. With three eyes on a leaf-like stalk that moves quickly from side to side, it can quickly scan a large area. A gulguthra's primary means of attack is by two long tentacles which are laden with bony thorn-like ridges.


Gulguthra are rarely found in groups, and are nearly always solitary.

Gulguthra make deals with other subterranean denizens, agreeing not to attack them in exchange for their dung and body wastes, which they then devour. To keep the supply of waste coming (and to get fresh meat) they will agree to help defend their home against intruders, which may include sewer repair workers and criminals on the run from the law. A gulguthra may be persuaded not to attack creatures in exchange for promises of friendship and food.

Gulguthra mate once each year, with one offspring produced. It takes the newborn four months to mature.


Everyone knows there are gulguthra in the sewers of Gervasa, but very few people have seen one themselves.