Asuras, Daevas, and Jenn

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Vanu Mar and Korro Khaitan each have an army of warriors and servants at their disposal. Vanu Mar has the asuras, and Korro Khaitan has the daevas. These are, like the masterless jenn, vast and terrible entities more powerful than mortals, but less powerful than the Numina. The asuras and daevas sometimes serve other Numina, as well.

Both asuras and daevas tend to resemble the Numina which they serve: a daeva in service to Shadira, for example, might appear as a great cat, or as a quartet of four mysterious women. Jenn, however, tend to resemble their chosen environment: a jenn which has taken a river as its home, for example, might appear as a man dressed in flowing blue silk, as a great beast of the river, or as a column of water.