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A pair of Kohl Badeen traversing the dunes of Khitai

Khitai is an arid land in central NUM. It is bordered by the Broken Lands and Khulthea to the northwest (beyond which is the land of Archaea), the Sea of Mri to the west, the jungles of Mrisinnia to the southwest, the Sea of Loneliness to the south, and the Ilwraithe to the east.

Khitai is separated into four parts: Scythia, Symeria, Kazarahn, and Cinnabar. The inhabitants of Cinnabar are arguably the most advanced of these. The coastal region of Cinnabar is lush and fertile, and provides easy access to the Sea of Mri. This helps make Medina, the capital of Cinnabar, the most prosperous city in Khitai. In addition, Cinnabari knowledge of metallurgy is unmatched.

North of Cinnabar is the land of Scythia, ruled by the Priest-Kings, who practice unwholesome rites and worship strange gods. The capital of Scythia is Nyatha. It is rumored that ghosts and demons walk freely there.

East of Cinnabar is the land of Kazarahn, which has long lived in the shadow of the Ilwraithe. Kazarahn's people, who once had a thriving culture and who created great works of poetry and song, have been reduced to subsistence, as their best crops are sent to feed the Ilwraithe, and their strongest young men are conscripted into the Ilwraithe army. After the destruction of the Kazarahn capital city of Puray, the Ilwraithe Satrap in charge of Kazarahn designated the much smaller city of Mola as the new capital, which the Satrap then renamed Mye Ren ("beautiful slave" in the Ilwraithe language).

To the southeast lie the lands of Symeria, a mountainous, heavily forested region along the coast of the Sea of Loneliness. The capital of Symeria is Siomahr.

To the southwest of Khitai are the trackless jungles and impassible mountains of Mrisinnia.