Korro Khaitan

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Vanu Mar and Korro Khaitan are the most powerful of the Numina, but it is rare for either to be worshipped directly. Neither Vanu Mar nor Korro Khaitan cares particularly for mortals, and it's generally considered imprudent to petition either for favors. This is for the best: when Vanu Mar or Korro Khaitan take an interest in the world of mortals, mortals suffer. Even the other Numina rarely seek the company or counsel of Vanu Mar and Korro Khaitan.

This does not mean that they are ignored. Most of the larger temples have small altars devoted to Vanu Mar and Korro Khaitan, and the two largest festivals each year are held in their honor. Marsanah, held on the vernal equinox, is devoted to Vanu Mar, and Erinanga, held on the autumnal equinox, is held in honor of Korro Khaitan.