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These house rules are intended for use in the Warlords Of NUM fantasy setting. In games which take place in other worlds, or other genres, these rules may not apply.

One-hit insurance

This optional rule is from the Mastermind's Manual (p. 112).

One-hit insurance
The first failed Toughness save a character makes in any given encounter cannot inflict more than a bruised or injured condition, regardless of the Toughness save result. The character's second failed Toughness save never does more than a stunned result. Thereafter, the character's Toughness saves have their normal results. It requires at least three failed Toughness saves (probably more) for a character to be staggered or disabled, and at least four for a character to be unconscious or dying.
This "insurance" only applies when the character is aware and able to react to the attack. If the character is flat-footed or the attack is a surprise (coming from an invisible opponent, for example) then it has its normal effect, regardless or whether or not it is the first attack; ambushes and surprise attacks can still have substantial effects.
Minions do not have one-hit insurance.

Power level caps

Characters are power level 6, and generally follow the guidelines for such characters as given in the Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition rule book. Power level 6 gives you 90 Power Points. This places limits on a number of things, but note that it does not directly limit the cost or number of ranks in a power. Also, Warlords of NUM relaxes some of the power level caps found in the standard Mutants & Masterminds rules. In the chart below, various abilities, skills, feats, and powers are listed along with their power level caps, if any. Power level caps which deviate from the standard rules are indicated by bold red text; these caps have been increased from power level (6) to power level + 5 (11).

Page numbers refer to Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, unless otherwise noted.

Table: Power level caps
PL (6) PL + 5 (11) No Limit
Attack Bonus Ability Bonus Aggressive Stance modifier (p. 159)
Attack Focus feat (p. 59) Accurate Attack feat (p. 56, p. 108) Aid action (p. 10, p. 154)
Attack Specialization feat (p. 59) All-Out Attack feat (p. 56) Aim action (p. 154)
Defense Bonus Attractive feat (p. 59) Charge action (p. 155)
Defensive Roll feat (p. 60) Autofire extra3 (p. 112, p. 160) Combined Attack action (p. 155)
Dirty Fighting feat (W&W, p. 17) Dedicated Dodge feat (W&W, p. 17) Condition modifiers (p. 10, p. 161)
Dodge Focus feat (p. 60) Defensive Attack feat (p. 60) Cover bonuses (p. 160)
First Strike feat (W&W, p. 18) Favored Conditions feat4 (W&W, p. 18) Critical Hits (p. 152)
Improvised Weapons feat (W&W, p. 18) Favored Environment feat4 (p. 61) Dedication feat (W&W, p. 17)
Lionheart feat (W&W, p. 18) Favored Opponent feat4 (p. 61) Defensive Stance modifier (p. 161)
Luck feat1 (p. 62) Fearsome Presence feat (p. 61) Defensive Strike feat (W&W, p. 17)
Save DC Power Attack feat (p. 63) Endurance feat (p. 61)
Sneak Attack feat2 (p. 64) Rage feat (p. 63) Extra Effort (p. 120)
Throwing Mastery feat (p. 165) Save Bonus Grapple action (p. 156)
Tough feat (W&W, p. 19) Skill Rank Hero Points (p. 121)
Toughness Trap Sense feat (W&W, p. 19) Improved Aim feat (p. 61)
Improved Block feat (p. 61)
Improved Critical feat (p. 61)
Improved Defense feat (p. 61)
Improved Disarm feat (p. 62)
Improved Overrun feat (p. 62)
Improved Sunder feat (p. 62)
Improved Trip feat (p. 62)
Inspire feat (p. 62)
Master Plan feat (p. 62)
Move All Out action (p. 157)
Oathbound feat (W&W, p. 19)
Overrun action (p. 158)
Rush action (p. 158)
Slam action (p. 158)
Teamwork feat (p. 64)
Total Defense action (p. 159)
Trip action (p. 159)


  1. The cap for Luck is one-half power level, rounded up (3).
  2. The cap for Sneak Attack is power level + 2 (8).
  3. The cap for the Autofire extra is PL+10 (16) if the extra is purchased twice.
  4. Favored Conditions, Favored Environment, and Favored Opponent only have their power level cap increased to PL+5 (11) if the relevant circumstances are unusual. Otherwise, the PL cap for these feats is standard (6).

Two-Weapon Fighting

Warlords of NUM uses the Two-Weapon Fighting rules from True20 (p. 108).

If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. You suffer a –6 penalty with your attack with your primary hand and a –10 penalty to the attack with your off hand when you fight this way. You can reduce these penalties in two ways:

  • If your off-hand weapon is natural or light, penalties are reduced by 2 each. (An unarmed strike is always considered light.)
  • The Two-Weapon Fighting feat lessens the primary hand penalty by 4, and the off-hand penalty by 6 (to –2 and –4, or –2 and –2 if the off-hand weapon is natural or light).

If you attack the same target with both attacks and both hit, increase the damage of the attack with the higher damage bonus by +2, much like a use of combined attack (M&M 2e, p. 155).

The same rules apply for throwing two weapons (one with either hand) or wielding two ranged weapons, one in each hand.

Two-Weapon Fighting penalties

Table: Two-Weapon Fighting penalties
Circumstances Primary Hand Off Hand
Normal penalties -6 -10
Ambidexterity feat -6 -6
Off-hand weapon is light -4 -8
Off-hand weapon is light and Ambidexterity feat -4 -4
Two-Weapon Fighting feat (with or without Ambidexterity) -2 -4
Off-hand weapon is light and Two-Weapon Fighting feat (with or without Ambidexterity) -2 -2



Warlords of NUM uses the Gamble skill from Warriors & Warlocks (p. 16).

Use this skill to win games involving both skill and luck. Games based solely only luck (such as flipping a coin) or skill (such as chess) don't involve Gamble checks, unless the character cheats.


Warlords of NUM uses the Navigate skill from Warriors & Warlocks (p. 16).

You're trained in finding directions and plotting courses from place to place.


Armor Training

Warlords of NUM uses the Armor Training feat from True20 (p. 42).

Armor training
General, Ranked
You're trained to move and fight while wearing armor. This feat may be taken twice. The first rank in Armor Training gives the character familiarity with light armor, while the second rank in Armor Training grants familiarity with medium and heavy armor. Characters without Armor Training apply their armor's check penalty to all physical rolls and checks while wearing it, including attack rolls. Characters with Armor Training only apply the armor's check penalty to Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Swim checks.


Warlords of NUM uses the Dedication feat from the Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook (p. 17).

Dedication [W&W]
Your dedication to your allegiance makes it very difficult to sway you. You receive a +4 bonus on Will saving throws and Sense Motive checks for any effect causing you to act against your allegiance. (See p. 118 of Mutants & Masterminds for more on allegiances.)

Exotic Weapon Training

Warlords of NUM uses the Exotic Weapon Training feat from True20 (p. 45).

Exotic Weapon Training
General, Ranked
You're trained in the use of a particular exotic weapon. Each rank in Exotic Weapon Training provides familiarity with a different exotic weapon. For a list of exotic weapons, see Weapons.


The Fearless feat is not permitted. Characters may take the Lionheart feat from the Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook instead (p. 18).


The Fearless feat is not permitted. Characters may take the Lionheart feat from the Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook instead (p. 18).

General, Ranked
You gain a +4 bonus per rank on Will Saves versus fear and related effects. This bonus cannot increase your total effective Will save bonus higher than the series’ power level limit.

Mighty Slam

This is a new feat.

Mighty Slam
You can add your Strength bonus to your slam attack damage. You suffer damage equal to half the total damage bonus inflicted on your target (round down), including your Strength bonus.


Warlords of NUM uses the variant Rage feat from the Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook (p. 20).

Rage [W&W]
Combat, Ranked
You can fly into a berserk rage as a free action, gaining +4 Strength, +4 on checks to resist grapple attempts made against you, +2 to your Fortitude and Will saves, and a –2 penalty to attack rolls and Defense. While raging you can't use skills or powers requiring concentration (with a duration of Concentration or Sustained), and you can't take 10 or 20 on checks. Your rage lasts for 5 rounds, after which you are fatigued for five rounds (M&M 2e, page 167). Additional ranks in this feat extend the duration by 5 rounds per rank. This extends the duration of your post-rage fatigue by the same amount.

Shield Training

Warlords of NUM uses the Shield Training feat from True20 (p. 50).

Shield Training
You're trained in the proper use of shields in combat. You can use a shield and take only the standard penalties. Characters lacking Shield Training take a penalty on attack rolls and on Strength- and Dexterity-based checks equal to the shield's bonus.

Two-Weapon Fighting

Warlords of NUM uses the Two-Weapon Fighting feat from True20 (p. 52).

Two Weapon Fighting
You're more effective fighting with two weapons. You reduce the penalty for doing so by 4 for your primary hand and 6 for your off hand. See the rules for Two-Weapon Fighting.

Weapon Training

Warlords of NUM uses the Weapon Training feat from True20 (p. 52).

Weapon Training
You're trained in the proper use of martial weapons. Characters lacking Weapon Training suffer a –4 penalty on attack rolls with martial weapons. For a list of martial weapons, see Weapons.



See: Magic

Ward Undead

This is a power from the Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook (p. 23).

Ward Undead
Effect: Mental Action: Standard (active)
Range: Touch (burst area around you) Duration: Sustained
Cost: 3 points per rank Saving Throw: Will
You can hedge out undead creatures from an area up to (rank x 5) feet in radius around you. Undead must make a Will saving throw against the result of your Ward power check. A failed save means the creature must leave the area of your ward immediately and as quickly as possible and cannot enter the affected area so long as the ward is maintained. A successful save means the creature is unaffected. Although affected creatures cannot enter the area of your Ward, they can still launch attacks from outside of it, interact and observe from a distance, and so forth.
In addition to driving out undead creatures, your Ward may damage them; any creature failing the Will save against your Ward also suffers damage read on the Toughness Saving Throw table (see Toughness Saving Throws, M&M, page 163) in addition to the Ward’s normal effect. Thus a creature failing the Will save suffers a bruised result, failure by 5 results in a bruise plus a stun, and so forth. The Ward can inflict lethal or non-lethal damage, as you choose, when you use it.



This is an extra from the Ultimate Power sourcebook (p. 100).

+0 Modifier
Applied to a sustained effect, this modifier makes its duration independent of the user and based instead on the number of power points in the effect. The effect occurs normally and then fades at a rate of 1 power point of effectiveness per round until it is gone. While it lasts, it requires no attention or maintenance from the user, like a continuous duration effect, although it can still be countered or nullified (also like a continuous effect). This is like a combination of the Duration (continuous) and Fades modifiers. An Independent Alternate Power continues to function even when the Array is switched to a different configuration. If an effect is not sustained, modify its duration before applying this modifier.
Independent is useful for effects like Create Object (for objects that fade or melt away), Environmental Control (for changes to the environment that slowly return to normal), or Obscure (for obscured areas that slowly shrink and disappear, like the effects of a smoke or gas grenade). The Slow Fade power feat can modify the rate at which the Independent effect fades, and the Total Fade modifier can keep it at full strength until its duration runs out, although the GM should approve any increases in the fade duration as best suits the effect and the series.

Power feats

Uniform Area

This is a new feat. Like Evasion, it should not be purchased simply because it is expedient: it should only be purchased if it truly makes sense for the character.

Uniform Area
Combat, Ranked
When applied to an attack with the Area extra that allows a Reflex save, each application of the Uniform Area feat negates one application of the Evasion feat (once to negate Evasion, twice to negate Improved Evasion). The attack still allows for a Reflex save.