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NUM is a barbaric world, and it breeds barbaric people. The lands of Archaea, Khitai, and Ilwraithe are no exception: force is respected, and the weak are enslaved, or worse. In Archaea, to the northwest, is this fact least obscured: the Archaeans are brutal, coarse, and barbaric, even by the standards of NUM. By contrast, the Ilwraithe, far to the east, have a veneer of culture and sophistication, and indeed, the Ilwraithe do value such arts as calligraphy, music, and ceremonial dance, but at the core of Ilwraithe society is a strict hierarchy wherein those with power extract absolute obedience from those with less. Between these two extremes lie the lands of Khitai. In Khitai, the weak are still subjected to the depredations of the strong, but for the most part the people of Khitai are more civilized than the Archaeans and less oppressed than the Ilwraithe.

Savage races

To the south of Archaea and Khitai is the savage land of Mrisinnia, whence come the feral Zinjan. To the far north is the wasteland of Khulthea, where nothing lives. In the arid land between Archaea and Khulthea live the Khul, a savage race as dangerous as the Zinjan and as enigmatic as the Alates. The mountains in the south of Archaea, between Thrace and Goethe, are the home of the Alates, the winged people of NUM. The Zinjan, the Alates, and the Khul may sometimes be found in the service of humans, typically as slaves or as soldiers.

Monstrous races

The world of NUM is wide and deep, and populated by monstrous creatures which the Numina in their wisdom saw fit to create. Some of these creatures, such as the Gaurim and the Skaven, gather into packs, and may even have their own language, but they are not considered "people" by the humans of NUM. Others, like the Gulguthra, are simply monsters, despite having the ability to speak and understand language.