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Inscrutable Skudra is a god of warfare and invention. It was Skudra who crafted the paths for the stars to follow, at the behest of the star gods, and it was Skudra who polished the sharp edges from the sun and moon.

Both Vanu Mar and Korro Khaitan have enlisted Skudra's aid in their battles with the other, but such aid extends only to his skill as an artificer -- Skudra himself never takes sides. The most famous of Skudra's works are Uzzah's armor and weapons, and the great Arnhammer with which Korro Khaitan broke through the dome of heaven and crust of the earth.

Skudra has a wide variety of worshippers, from skilled tradesmen who work with their hands to cunning scholars whose tools are pen and parchment. Skudra himself is typically depicted as a dark, wiry man wearing the leather apron of a smith.